House Hunting


Mike and Jackye's New Lot #61
THE House in Ortega Nov 2001
Watermill Lot 21

House Hunting

Our house hunting began November, 2001 with the perfect house we found in Ortega.  We called the realtor and it was already sold.  The sale went through and we had no shot at the house.
THE house in Ortega

We found a beautiful lot in Confederate Crossing in April 2002.  It was just over an acre of land and the neighbors we talked with were very nice.  The lake was pretty and was built with a small island. All the homes were full brick and the homes were built by custom builders, so the neighborhood did not look like track housing.  The down-side was the power lines in two directions, but this lot was far enough away from them.  It was also near I-10, which was a plus and a minus at the same time.  Unfortunately, it was still a little too early for us.  We put money down and had to release the lot.
Confederate Crossing Lot #61

We found a lot in Shindler Crossing September 2002.  This was a beautiful two story Maronda home called a Fairmont.  The floor plan downstairs was perfect and the upstairs was good.  We found a nice lot with water and trees behind it.  They could not build there yet because they start at one end and do not build early.  While waiting for them to get to our lot, we researched and found that buying this lot was not a good idea.  The aerial view showed it was directly across from the old Hipps Rd. dump.  The web showed many problems with Maronda builders.  The power lines were also closer than we'd like.

We found a lot in Lake View at Watermill November 2002 with the best water/tree view in any track home.  We found it long before the roads were in, so we were able to choose our lot.  Unfortunately, we did not like any of the floor plans from the builder who owned the lot.  We put a hold on the lot because they told us they were developing new plans for the area.  They came back with two new plans, which in reality were existing plans with a bonus room.  They pushed for a decision, so we cancelled.
Lakeview at Watermill Lot #21

Our search ended January 2003.  We found a home in a beautiful neighborhood with old trees.  The best part is the house is already built, so we won't have to go through the stress of building a home.
Admiral's Walk