Our Argyle Yard


The Beginning
The plantings begin
Ready for Sod
Sod is down!
Two Days Later
One Month Later
Butterfly Visit

Our Yard in Argyle

We are basically starting from scratch.  The front yard is being done first.  This is to document the changes as they come about.

Update 3/7/2004
We are selling the house and moved out a year ago.  The butterfly bush was beautiful for two years, then sometime this winter (2003/2004) the wind pulled it up by its roots.  The flowers walking up to the house were beautiful, but the new owners (Andi and John) removed them so they could mow up to the sidewalk. I didn't get any pictures of them or the tropicals. The tropicals in front of the garage did not survive the winter, and neither did the firecracker fern.    The good news is the Live Oak tree is doing great, the Thundercloud Plum is hanging in there, and the Bottle Brush trees have grown nicely and are doing well.  They are doing their job shading the windows on that side of the house.