The Beginning
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June 16th 2002.  The beginning.

We are arranging some beds before we kill the grass.   Our front yard currently consists of one Oak tree planted around Christmas 2002, and two Sagos planted in the summer of '99.  The Sagos started out the same size, but only one of them seems to grow.  We have a crape myrtle in the backyard.


This hose looks like it might be long enough.

The Thunderhead Plum tree will go just fine right here.

Moving and cleaning rocks is hard work. These are coming from the front of the house to create a bed around the Sago Palms.

Here's the yard from the street. All the green is weeds. The rocks are quite visible around the Sagos.

Another picture of the yard from the street. Mike's picking some more rocks to move.

And yet another angle of the yard from the street. Here you can see how nice the neighbor's yard looks compared to ours.

And now for something completely different. Another angle of the yard from the street.

Mike working hard

Another picture of Mike. I used the flash to get a better shot of his face. He sure looks tired!

The blue daze and gold lantana look good under the oak tree.

Mike choosing rocks to move.

Mike picking up more rocks.