2nd Anniversary May 2002
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Anniversary #2 - North Carolina

We traveled to North Carolina and visited the Belmont Estate during the festival of flowers.  The flowers were not very festive while we were there, but we still had a great time.  We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and visited Linville Caverns, Falls, and Gorge.  After that, we spent a day on Grandfather Mountain.  We finished up the trip at Lake Lure near Chimney Rock.

The downtown Biltmore Village outside Biltmore Estate.

McDonald's Outside Biltmore Estate. You have to see it to believe it.

McDonald's see thru fireplace. The ceiling was gold foil with wood beams.

Yup, a player piano for your dining pleasure. McPianoMan.

View of the grounds at the Biltmore Estate.

Entrance to the Biltmore Garden

The side of the Estate and a cherub on the south terrace.

Side of the Biltmore Estate.

Mike walking on the south terrace at Biltmore

Jackye on the back porch

Mike on the back porch

Detail on the Estate

Garden Statue

A festive flower

Festive purple flowers

A festive rose

A blue spruce pine - just for Mom!

Bridge over the Biltmore Lake

Another view of the bridge over the Biltmore Lake

Duck on the Lake

Wildflowers in the meadow

View of the lake from the meadow

Colors in the garden

Festive Rhododendron

A salamander hiding from the snakes

A robin

A squirrel at Biltmore


Festive Flowers


View to the East from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Caterpillar munching on a leaf on the parkway

View to the West from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Another Blue Ridge Parkway West view


Mike and Jackye at Linville Gorge

Mike and Jackye at the Wiseman's view of TableTop and Linville Gorge

Mike and Jackye at the Wiseman's view of TableTop and Linville Gorge

Blind Trout in Linville Cavern

A bat inside Linville Cavern

The Linville Cavern Monster

Linville Cavern

Linville Cavern

Frozen Waterfall inside Linville Cavern

Mike under the frozen waterfall at Linville Cavern

Wild Mountain Laurel near Linville Falls

Linville Falls

Jackye taking a picture of Linville Falls

Northern Ringneck snake near Linville Falls

Forest near Linville Falls

Upper Linville Falls

Jackye taking a picture of Upper Linville Falls

Mike at upper Linville Falls

Grandfather Mountain Swinging Bridge

View From Grandfather Mountain

Jackye taking a picture of the view

Mike on Grandfather Mountain

Mike jumping in the lake from Grandfather Mountain

Mike on Grandfather Mountain

King of the world!

The edge of the world


Mike and the crowd

Mike taking pictures

The view

More view

Mike on the trails

Bald eagles checking us out

Otters having a lazy day

Trucking Beaver


Beaver on the lookout

Bald Eagles chatting with us

Bears hanging out

Going for a swim

Splashing around

Dripping wet

Hanging out

Find the cougar in the picture



Duck at Lake Lure

View at Lake Lure


Lake Lure

Million dollar home

Million dollar view

Want to buy the property Dirty Dancing was filmed on? Paramount is selling it!

View at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Sunset at Lake Lure

Black Vulture hanging out in the morning