Pictures off the walls
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The pictures off the living room walls at Claire and Carl's House.

Claire Audrey Moody and Mike Moody.

Mike is 2. Claire's maiden name is Damm.

Claire's Brother Eugene Phillip Damm - Mike's Uncle

Eugene is 69 in June 2003

Felicia and Frederick Thomas

Claire's Maternal Grandparents

Beatrice Caroline Damm

Claire's Mother and Mike's Grandmother. Her maiden name is Thomas.

Shirley Damm

Claire's Sister and Mike's Aunt. Shirley will be 68 in September.

Claire's trip across the ocean in 1954

Mike's trip across the ocean in 1954

Carlton Moody UNF Bachelor of Arts

Carlton Moody FJC Associate in Arts

Mike and Jackye's wedding invitation

Carlton Moody Certificate of Appreciation

Luce Family Crest

Family Tree

USS Constitution